Fee Options

Choice; Transparency; Integrity

At TJD Law we offer a range of flexible payment structures to meet the specific needs of your business.   Whichever arrangement is best for you, we will ensure transparency and integrity in respect of our charges at all times.

We guarantee:

  • value for money;
  • realistic fee estimates;
  • no hidden costs;
  • no unwanted surprises.

Pay as You Go

The traditional method of solicitors charging for their time through hourly rates has become less popular recently, with increased demand for certainty and clarity on legal fees.   Yet, in many cases, it remains the fairest and most cost-effective form of payment arrangement.   If you are a small business with only an occasional need for employment law advice, hourly rates ensure that you only pay for what you actually need.    No contracts, no wasted fees – just peace of mind that you have a trusted advisor at the end of a telephone when you need one.

Annual Retainer

Alternatively, if you anticipate a more regular need for employment law assistance, there are several benefits to agreeing an annual retainer on the basis of fixed monthly payments.   The precise scope of the retainer can be tailored to suit your needs, but would generally include unlimited telephone and email support for day-to-day employment matters.

Not only does this enable you to more accurately budget your legal expenditure, it also encourages early communication with your solicitor and, in turn, early identification of potential problems.   This creates an opportunity to address and resolve an issue before it escalates into a larger dispute.

Our experience is that a retainer arrangement also creates a much stronger, and mutually beneficial, relationship between your solicitor and your senior staff.   By cultivating a trusted and long term client relationship, we can better understand your culture, values and risk profile, meaning that we are better placed to advise on the course of action best suited to your business.

Employment Claims Insurance

For those seeking additional peace of mind, we are also able to offer an employment claims insurance scheme in conjunction with our annual retainer service.   The scheme is designed to protect you from both legal fees and an award of compensation in the event that an employment-related claim is made against your business.  Unlike many other insurance schemes, it also ensures that you remain entitled to choose your own legal representation in defending the case.

Fixed/Capped Fees

For specific projects, where we are able to agree with you the scope of the work that is likely to be involved, we will offer a competitive fixed fee – ensuring absolute clarity on your charges from the outset.  Typically, this arrangement is suited to matters such as drafting contracts and policies; strategic advice and support on company restructuring; implementing new terms and conditions of employment; corporate support/due diligence; TUPE advice and staff consultation.

Staged Payments

Where the project is likely to be longer term, or the nature of the work is more complex/uncertain, but you still wish to work with us on a fixed fee basis, we can assist you to break down the project into key stages and agree a fixed cost for each stage.  We will then review the progress of the matter, and re-assess your legal requirements, after each stage.

Tribunal Costs

Click here for information about the typical legal costs for bringing or defending a claim for wrongful or unfair dismissal.

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